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Bedford NH Retirement Planning & Asset Protection

Are you trying to do your own Bedford NH retirement planning and realizing you need some help? Will the assets and income you need to give you the lifestyle you've dreamed of after retirement be available for you? If you're unsure of the answers to these questions, then the Bedford wealth management team at Glenwood Investment Group can help!

To discover if you can retire on time and with the lifestyle you want, asking some simple questions is a good start. Getting the advice of our retirement planning team is the next step after you've answered these questions.

How Long Before You Plan To Retire?

There are a wide-range of factors that control how long it will take you to reach your personal net worth goals. Taxes, market performance and inflation can all affect your retirement goals. To spend your time before retirement worry free you have to know that you have allocated enough time and resources to your retirement plans.

Bedford Asset Protection - How Much Is Enough?

One of the first steps is to decide what level of monthly income you would like to enjoy in retirement. Is your goal a monthly amount or a lump sum? Take some time to answer this question and don't underestimate. Do you want $1 million when you retire? 3 million? More? Or do you have a monthly income goal of $5000, $15,000 or more?

Take the time to think carefully and honestly about the answers to these questions because they will be part of the foundation of your retirement planning strategy. Our Bedford NH retirement planning team can help you with these numbers and provide the expert advice needed.

How Many Years Will Retirement Last?

Many working Americans admit they don't have any idea how much money their family will need at retirement. The amount you think you'll need is important, but even more so is how long you will be retired. Do you need to accumulate enough assets to support your lifestyle for 10 years, 20 years or more?

We recommend planning for a retirement lasting around 30 years. Our Bedford estate planning and retirement experts can help you structure a risk management plan that preserves the assets you've got now and helps them grow safely over time.

Make A Solid Plan For The Future

Understanding your retirement objectives and how many years from now you want to retire can help you plan for a successful and happy retirement. The investment planning experts at Glenwood Investment Group can work alongside you to help you create a retirement you and your family will satisfied and secure with.

Call 603-606-3391 to speak with a member of our Bedford NH retirement planning team today!