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Concord NH Retirement Planning & Asset Protection Experts

Are you worried that you haven't put plans in place for your retire-ment? Glenwood Financial Group's Concord NH retirement planning team can help you create a retirement strategy you and your family can feel good about!

Today’s Retirement Plans Will Affect Your Future

Now is the time to plan for retirement. Don't risk struggling through the years after you stop working by procrastinating. Unfortunately nearly 50 percent of Americans admit they don't have enough money saved for retirement.

Don't be one of them!

How Long Will It Be Before You Retire?

The amount of time you have to plan and execute a well thought out retirement strategy is a critical part of achieving the retirement you're envisioning.

You need to ask yourself:

  • "When do I want to retire?"
  • "Is that realistic given my financial goals?"
  • "If it is not, what are my options?"

How Many Years Will Your Retirement Last?

Many people worry about whether they'll be able to afford the life-style they envision for retirement. One question of great importance when thinking about your future lifestyle is "how long will you be retired?"

Many people assume they'll need retirement funds for less time than they actually do. As a result they either have to scale back their retirement dreams, or in the worst case they run out of money late in life.

Don't let this happen to you.

Speak with a Concord NH retirement planning advisor from Glenwood In-vestment Group today so you can know how much money you'll need to support you and your family for many years. We recommend planning for a 30 year retirement if you stop working at 65. Ensuring that your Concord investment planning goals are achievable is something that's important to get right.

Are You Risk Averse Or Risk Tolerant?

Many individuals planning for retirement have concerns about how much investment risk they should take. When considering your retirement and Concord estate planning goals, you must take an honest personal inventory of your comfort level with various types of investing risk. This is a step you should not skip or take lightly because it affects your ability to meet your retirement goals during the timetable you have established.

Our Concord risk management professionals can help you understand the upside and downside of various strategies and help you ensure you're only putting your money in investments that you're comfortable with.

Retirement Planning Starts With A Call Today!

Glenwood Investment Group's wealth management team can help you turn your vision for retirement into a reality. But don't wait another day!

Call 603-606-3391 to start creating a plan to ensure you and your family enjoy your retirement to its fullest!

Get started on your Concord NH retirement planning roadmap by calling us today. Our wealth management and asset protection professionals are available to answer all of your questions today! Call us now at 603-606-3391!