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North Andover Retirement Planning & Asset Protection Advisors

Do you feel certain that you'll be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement? If you're unsure, then you may need the support of the North Andover retirement planning team at Glenwood Investment Group!

How Much Will You Need To Live Comfortably?

Our North Andover asset protection and risk management experts can help you decide how much money you'll need in retirement. The amount you’ll need obviously varies widely as different people are used to different lifestyles.

We'll help you identify a monthly income or lump sum goal, then show you how this impacts your investment strategy. This is the first step in planning a retirement that will give you the benefits you want.

Knowing how many years it will be until you retire is another consideration. The longer you have before retirement the better chances you have of accumulating greater assets and doing so at less risk.

How Many Years Will Your Retirement Last?

When focusing on retirement many people forget to include estate planning. While helping you plan your retirement years, our North Andover estate planning staff can help you decide how to best protect and distribute your financial legacy after you’re gone.

Planning ahead so you preserve the assets you've accumulated is important. Passing your financial legacy onto family without excessive taxation or other burdens is one of our primary focuses.

The number of years you're retired will affect your North Andover retirement planning as well.

Are You An Aggressive Investor Or A Conservative One?

Do you feel comfortable making aggressive investment planning decisions to help achieve your retirement plans? Or would you prefer to take a more conservative and cautious approach? Being honest about your tolerance to risk is an important part of deciding what kinds of investments to consider and which to avoid.

With the help of Glenwood Investment Group you can make decisions that will help you reach your goals comfortably.

Start Planning For Your Future Today

Reaching your retirement goals is definitely possible with the right advice and taking the right actions now.

To learn more about how the Glenwood Investment Group’s North Andover wealth management team can help you build for a safe financially healthy retirement call us today at 603-606-3391!

Our North Andover retirement planning team is available to answer your questions and help set you up for success in retirement. Call 603-606-3391 now to learn more!