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Our Values


Our process begins with understanding you as we work to build a lifelong relationship, and respect is our guiding principle in fostering our relationship with you. We know that your financial goals are part of a larger vision that you have curated, and we are here to support you and help you achieve those goals. Whether it is partnering with your professional community, or listening to recounts of your family’s adventures, our priority is your trust and our mutual respect. Our value of respect extends throughout our community and encourages us to remain engaged in local charities and cooperatives.


Your unique financial goals require a unique approach, and by building a lifelong relationship, we further our understanding of you and consistently strive to make financial decisions that are in your best interest. We are proud to be a fiduciary and always consider the well-being of the clients and their family in every decision we make. Our financial expertise helps you make strong decisions, and in our ever-changing world, integrity also means helping you adapt to tomorrow’s unanticipated challenges. Our value of integrity gives us the clarity to assess the path forward and the transparency to help you understand it.


Our experienced advisors understand how the financial landscape can best support you. Since 2003, Glenwood has assisted clients in developing tailored, diversified portfolios. Decades of experience guide us in creating financial plans that comprehensively support your goals. Our client base is incredibly diverse, and we can support a wide variety of financial strategies and positions. In the spirit of development and education, our advisors continuously gather new information to ensure your financial plans utilize the most up-to-date approaches. From Certified Financial Planners to Retirement Income Certified Professionals, our advisors have the education and experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.